I will be Lord Krishna, will you?

DRAUPADI — the name is strong and powerful. This heroic princess, born of the fire needs no introduction ! She has always been a celebrated character of the epic of Mahabharata. She was a legendary beauty, whose grace caused many to desire ! She went through terrible humiliation during the vastrakshebham¬†episode. Though a strong and […]

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Wedding – Only a dream for them ?

An old man going person to person begging for money. ¬†It is a common sight in life to see beggars coming and asking for food and money. It is a common sight to see people ignoring and turning face at them . It is a common sight to see these unfortunate people appreciate and show […]

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Hello All

YOU DONT TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH, YOU MAKE IT —–Ansel Adams PHOTOGRAPHY – A face of Art that makes you SMILE, ADMIRE, THINK and CHERISH ! It’s the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world ! Let’s put these emotions and elements together through REJOICE PHOTOGRAPHY Eyes like a shutter, mind like a […]

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