PHOTOGRAPHY - A face of Art that makes you SMILE, ADMIRE, THINK and CHERISH ! It's the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world ! Let's put these emotions and elements together through REJOICE PHOTOGRAPHY

Eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens......and freeze a moment to make it a memory forever !

LIGHTS .....CAMERA....FREEZE----has been my dream for some time now ! At one point in my life, I decided to let go off the Mike that ruled my life and held a Camera to make this dream come true ! With this strong desire, I moved on with my camera and joined Light & Life Academy to learn Photography and now I proudly own a POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY from this prestigious institute.

Photography is all about happiness---for the person who captures as much as for the person who poses ! I long to capture the best of images, bringing out the beauty within them, to see the smile of people after showing the essence in them and to feel content to see them enjoy it - This is what Photography means to me !!!

It may be easy for me to go to far off, unexplored places and enjoy it, but if I need to bring the same enjoyment and excitement in others, it is possible only through Photographs- and that is my ultimate objective ---those 'CAPTURED MOMENTS'

Words can convey messages but photographs can convey the feeling ! And in Photography, you do not capture what you see, but you capture what you feel ! And when you FEEL it, you CONVEY it !!!

Today everything exists to end in a photograph ......and I begin with a photograph ......and here I start my journey through ReJoice Photo Works

Under the guidance of my Guru -Mr Iqbal Mohamed----I am confident to have been moulded good enough to achieve my dreams .........and now is the time to make it a reality !

COME .........SEE THROUGH MY EYES ! Reach out to me here at ReJoice Photo Works to help me make your moments ---CHERISHED MEMORIES !!!!

I will be taking off with photographs in my areas of specialisation :

Architecture & Interior Photography
Fashion Photography
People & Product Photography
Portraits ( Babies, family, Corporate, Pets )
Travel & Nature Photography
Food & Beverage Photography
Automobile Photography
Wedding Fashion
Candid Moments

Rejoice Photoworks